Appointments are available from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We also see patients on an emergency basis as needed. Our practice is limited to diseases and surgery of the retina. Please have your insurance cards, driver license or ID, and your copay/deductible ready for our Kiosk Check In System.

What to Bring

  • Current insurance cards
  • Current drivers license or identification
  • Valid Credit Card (Payment is due at time of service)
  • A list of current medications
  • Diabetic patients might want to consider bringing a snack
  • Insurance authorization/referral if your insurance requires this for specialist office visit

You will initially be seen by one of our technicians. They will take your complete medical and ocular history. The Technician will then check your vision, intraocular pressure, pupil function, motility, and confrontational visual fields. You will then be dilated so that appropriate imaging can be obtained, and our physicians can perform a proper examination of your eyes. Dilation will cause your eyes to be light sensitive and will make your vision blurry.

Retinal Imaging
Imaging will be performed in order to screen for changes in the retina and help monitor response to treatments. Images may be taken prior to seeing the doctor. Once you have been examined, the physician may require more diagnostic testing.

Your Exam with the Doctor
Your Physician will review your preliminary images with you and perform a detailed examination of your eyes using a slit lamp or Indirect and lenses. The Physician will then counsel and educate you as necessary.

Based on your examination and imaging, treatment may be advised by your Physician. Most of our procedures are Outpatient procedures that can be performed in the clinic, at the time of your visit (such as intra-ocular injections, laser treatments, or Cryotherapy). If you require Surgery, you will then schedule with our Surgical Coordinator.

Please remember that the length of your appointment time can vary depending on the severity of your eye condition. As we are mainly a referral practice, we are sometimes faced with unpredictable emergencies that require immediate attention. This can sometimes cause our appointment to become delayed.

We strive to give each patient the attention and care they deserve.